The Trick To Buying The Best Wine Cooler On The Market

The Trick To Buying The Best Wine Cooler On The Market

If you are a wine lover, there is no question that there will come the point in time that you will propel yourself from being just a wine enjoyer to collecting your favorite wines.

Well, this could essentially happen when you are attending an elaborate wine festival, or when you're visiting a local winery, taking a tour of your favorite winery, etc. Or it could just happen that you fall in love with a specific type of wine and take the plunge to buy a whole case of it.

And you never really know, your friend could leave a case of his favorite wine because he has to travel for a long time and just can’t take it with him. Either way, it is safe to say that you will start collecting wine before long.

The point is, once you have a whole case of wine or just a couple of bottles, you need to ensure you keep the wine safe and store the product as adequately as possible. While a lot of people have the good fortune to store it in their basements – what can people who live in apartments and condos do?


Or maybe you live in a house that doesn't have a basement. What then? This reason is why a top-rated wine cooler comes in considerably handy.

You need to have a dedicated space and the right temperature to store your favorite wine; otherwise, you will just spoil it and start banging your head against the wall. The wine has to be kept in a cool place with a temperature not exceeding 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

And the only way to do this for people who don’t have the necessary conditions to store their wine is to get the best small wine cooler, also referred to as a wine fridge.

You can buy wine coolers in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are cooler made for small spaces – such as to fit right under the kitchen cabinet – and bigger models that can hold up to 50 to 100 bottles.

For an amateur wine collector, it can be a very tough problem deciding the type of wine cooler to buy. So in light of this, mentioned below are some important features to consider when buying the best wine cooler:

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The Necessary Features & Considerations To Look Out For When Purchasing A Wine Cooler

There are some necessary features & considerations to look out for when purchasing a wine cooler.

Size Of The Wine Cooler

As you look for wine bottles in your kitchen, you may not think about getting a big cooler to store wine bottles initially. But as your collection start to grow, you will require one no matter what.

So, to keeps things simple and easy in the beginning, experts strongly recommend buying coolers that can store up to 12 bottles when you aren't sure how big a wine cooler you require. Twelve bottle coolers are designed to be portable, which means you can easily accommodate the cooler in your apartment, your house kitchen, and condominium.

Size Of The Wine Cooler

You will not have to compromise a lot of space and will be able to entertain your guests during a party.

The best way to determine the size of a wine cooler is to think ahead – you need to figure out many bottles that require storing. A lot of wine coolers advertised having certain capacities don't take into account the length and size of certain types of wine brands.

A good example can be a Cabernet or Bordeaux, which is why it is best to first take into account the size of the bottle and the amount of wine it holds.

The Quality Of The Best Wine Refrigerators

Different wine coolers come with a different set of features and advantages, which is what determines their quality. For instance, if you’re going for a sub-standard wine cooler, the product will only keep your wine bottles cooled at the required temperature.

But it will not do anything more than that. However, a top-rated wine cooler will offer you a completely separate cooling zone for storing and tempering both types of wines – red and white.

Plus, there are a variety of other features that come with high-end wine coolers, for example, UV-glass protection, remote temperature control, digital display for temperature, control panels, etc.

The Price Of Wine Coolers

If you're worried that high-end wine coolers cost a lot of money – then you are right. However, there is no point in getting discouraged.

the price good question

Why? Well, you have the technology to thank for that. You will be surprised to know that there are a variety of wine cooler products that come at extremely competitive prices and pack a lot of essential features and functionalities. But you may have to pay a shipping fee to get the product delivered at home.

Additional Features To Look For

There are a variety of different features that you should look for when buying a quality wine cooler. Some of them are:

Range Of Temperature

A good wine cooler must have a decent range of temperature – the range should at least be from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature Control Display

Always go for a wine cooler that offers a digital temperature control display instead of a mechanical option. Digital displays are very easy to read and provide more precise details of the temperature conditions.

Temperature Control Display in wine cooler

Door Insulation

Although the best wine chiller with a glass door looks awesome as your friends and relatives can see your red and white wine collection through the door. However, glass doors aren't that great at insulation.

They don't perform well when it comes to keeping the bottles cold because a lot of hot air escapes inside the cooler. So, it is strongly recommended to go for a wine cooler that comes with tempered glass doors or a double-pane to keep everything airtight.

Plus, what even be better is that if you opt for a cooler that comes with UV-glass protection. This feature helps keep the bottles nice and cold by reflecting the rays of the sun.

Left Or Right Cooler Handle

Wine coolers come with both left and right cooler handle door swings. Other models have reversible doors; it is a good idea first to specify the type of wine cooler you want.

Humidity Control

As per different wine collectors and experts, the best way to age wine is to keep the humidity levels at 50{000bd5c0ade9a15e639680987d4e356ed5e3f64976aad9e6ed9c5e2b89612155} to 75{000bd5c0ade9a15e639680987d4e356ed5e3f64976aad9e6ed9c5e2b89612155}. If you live somewhere where the climate is dry, you are going to need a wine cooler that has easy humidity control.

Humidity Control

If your wine bottles are overexposed to dryness, their wooden corks will begin to form cracks – which are then going to let all the cold air inside, ruining the wine. The opposite, however, is also true. If the wine bottles are overexposed to humidity, the bottles will begin to form mold at the top, also running the label of the bottle.

Door Lock

This is also an important feature, especially if you are considering getting a wine cooler for your restaurant or a bar. Some coolers come with a good locking mechanism to keep freeloaders at bay. You should also get one for your home to keep your teenaged kids away from the wine cooler.

Leveling Legs

Leveling legs allows the cooler to be easily placed in the kitchen or under a kitchen cabinet.

Black Out Mode

This feature is pretty useful and enables you completely black out the display of your wine cooler door on religious occasions.

The Noise Factor

The mechanical components of the best wine cooler are pretty similar to a conventional refrigerator. So, you might have to deal with some level of noise.

The Noise Factor

However, the only time when the noise will become unbearable is when there is something wrong with the fan, condenser and the compressor, which means you have to keep your cooler maintained and services every 6 to 7 months.

Or you could go for a thermoelectric wine cooler, which is specifically manufactured using less electrical components, reducing the overall noise of the cooler. Although these types of coolers are quiet, they come with an insufficient range of temperature.

Best Wine Cooler

Winner - The Avanti Wine Cooler

The 12 bottle wine cooler measures at 25.25 inches and is compact, easy to place and free-standing product that can be position on your kitchen countertop. Looking at it, it may seem a bit small but worry not; the cooler can fit 12 bottles of your favorite wine without any hassle.

You can fit four bottles vertically and eight bottles horizontally. The cooler comes with a very proficient temperature range of 47 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This wine cooler features a thermoelectric cooling mechanism, so there is no way you are going be bothered with any noise or vibrating sounds.

It is super quiet, which is perhaps one of its best features. Another cool advantage of this noise-free features is that fact that with zero vibration, your wines will sit undisturbed, which is one of the fundamentals of aging your wine right.

Avanti Wine Cooler



Amongst the best in wine coolers, the product offers several advantages. The cooler is quite budget-friendly compared to a variety of other brands that focus a lot on the aesthetics of the product rather than functionality – which obviously leads to a price surge.

Moreover, the Avanti wine cooler is very simple to operate and comes with an excellent, soft touch, digital control panel. Plus, you can easily keep your wine bottles standing firmly upright, which means you can ensure the bottles that are already open, maintain their temperature.

It also comes with removable shelves, so if you have rather large bottles, you can just remove the second shelve and place the bottle inside. The product is efficient, which is why it is so compact.

You can place it anywhere you want, which is something significant when you are considering throwing a dinner party for your friends. All these features make it the best wine cooler available at a competitive price in the market.

Runner-Up - The NutriChef Wine Cooler

When it comes to high quality, budget-friendly wine coolers – it is difficult to top the NutriChef 12 bottle wine cooler, and for a good reason too. The 25-inch tall cooler is easy to place in your kitchen or lounge and comes with a variety of different features.

Become a pro at serving your favorite red and white wine with this cooler. The product features a proficient thermoelectric cooling system with a very easy to use control panel that can help you adjust the temperature of the cooler.

Plus, the digital display of the product comes with LED light, accentuating its design and functionality. With a built-in ventilation grill and a fan, there is no question the NutriChef wine cooler is an absolute must-have for serious wine collectors and soon-to-be sommelier.

Furthermore, the wine cooler has an attractive and sleek appearance – fitted with a reinforced glass door that keeps the hot air from escaping inside, ruining your wine collection.

NutriChef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler


The stylish wine refrigerator will easily accentuate your interior décor, and you can position it anywhere without hassle. It boasts a free-standing style, which means you can put the cooler anywhere you like.

Another great thing about the 12 bottle cooler is the fact you don’t have to continuously open the door to check the temperature settings or adjust them. With a digital, LED display panel, you can efficiently adjust the temperature without having warm air destroying the internal temperature of the wine bottles.

As it is a thermoelectric wine cooler, the mechanism enables the machine to quietly cool the wine without any vibrations – unlike traditional wine refrigerators. This feature helps keep the wine at an optimal temperature. You can even have one installed at your office. You won’t even know there is a compact cooler standing in your office.

Alternatives - Koldfront Wine Cooler

When you talk about best alternative wine cooler – it doesn’t get any better than the Koldfront 18 bottle wine refrigerator. This feature-rich product comes strongly recommended by professionals as a pretty diverse appliance to store your invaluable wine collection.

The capacity of the wine cooler measures according to the size of a Bordeaux-style bottle. You can easily remove the wood shelving and store bigger bottles without having to mess around with other bottles.

Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Cooler


But it is important to understand that removing the shelves will decrease the number of bottles you can store.

But perhaps the best feature of the product is its locking mechanism.

The product comes with a lock to keep it 100{000bd5c0ade9a15e639680987d4e356ed5e3f64976aad9e6ed9c5e2b89612155} tamper-proof and secure. You can keep your children away from opening the fridge door.

The best wine cooler comes in black and boasts a pretty awesome design – enabling you to place it anywhere you like in your dining room or kitchen.

Moreover, the Koldfront wine cooler comes with two temperature zones to help optimally keep both red and white wines at the right temperature.

The temperature range for the top zone comes with a range of 54 degrees Fahrenheit to 66 degrees Fahrenheit while the bottom temperature zone comes in the range of 46 degrees Fahrenheit to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

The product features a thermoelectric cooling system, which means that the wine fridge will not vibrate and create any noise. The cooling mechanism helps keep the bottles at an exact temperature and is quite energy-efficient.

The LED lit control panel emits a very soft light and is not bothersome at all. In all, the Koldfront wine cooler is one of the most popular products on the market providing a value for money and giving you an assortment of features you can use to ensure your wine bottles stay fresh and age well.

Alternatives - The NutriChef Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The NutriChef thermoelectric refrigerator is yet another pretty cost-effective alternative to buying slight expensive models. It comes with a decent set of features, and we recommend it for individuals that have just started collecting wine and are looking to become seasoned sommeliers.

The total capacity of the wine cooler allows for 12-bottle storage. You can keep place some bottles vertically and the others horizontally. The thermoelectric mechanism inside the cooler allows for a noise-free functioning, which in turn means that the fridge does not produce any vibrations.

This feature allows for the wine to sit undisturbed, aging well. You can also adjust the temperature of the cooler without opening the door.

It has a LED, digital touch panel that you can use to set and adjust the temperature as you please. The product also comes built-in with a fan and ventilation grill. The fridge boasts a pretty decorative design, enabling you to place it anywhere you like in your lounge or kitchen.

Nutrichef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


With a compact design, you can position the cooler hassle-free atop kitchen counters, lounge tables, etc. It comes with a sustainable shelving system to effortless put all your bottles inside without having to continuously adjust for space, which is unlike low-end products where you have to stuff your bottles.

The fridge features a modern, air-tight glass door seal that effectively keeps all the hot air hot side. Plus, the glass door seal also lets you admire your collection of vintage wine while sealing everything inside. An impressive feature.

The precision cooling system offered by the NutriChef 12 bottle wine cooler allows for long-term storage keeping the wine fresh and delectable. The LED display also enables you to set the temperature using either Celsius or Fahrenheit. But perhaps the best thing about the product is that it comes with polished chrome racks.

Alternatives -The Magic ChefMCWC12B Wine Cooler

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option when buying a wine cooler, you have to look a product that offers all the necessary functionalities and the storage capacity to place your wine bottles without any problems effectively, which is essentially where the Magic Chef 12 bottle wine refrigerator comes into play.

The product is not only designed to be quite spacious but has a couple of features that will truly blow your mind away – especially if you have managed to collect half a dozen to a dozen of your favorite white and red wine.

First up, the best wine cooler comes with a pretty sleek and trendy design – and because it comes in black, you can virtually put it anywhere in your lounge, kitchen or your man cave. The design is just impeccable and is one of the WOW factors of the cooler. Plus, it comes with beautifully sculpted shelved made from chrome.

The Magic Chef MCWC 12B Wine Cooler


There are a total of 3 shelves that you can easily remove in case the bottles you are bringing are a bit big. Removing the shelves will also give you the opportunity to precisely adjust the internal configuration of the cooler, setting it at just the right temperature.

Moreover, the wine cooler comes with an elegant LED display that helps you admire your collection without having to open the door again and again. The temperature control panel is digital, which means you don't have to open the door to configure anything. This feature also helps keep the warm, outside air from escaping inside the fridge.

The wine cooler also comes with a built-in temperature display, which is integrated right next to the control panel. It is a handy feature as it will allow you check the temperature without having to use a traditional thermometer.

The best wine cooler also comes with leveling legs that are easily adjustable. You can use the legs to place the product anywhere you want to.

Bottom Line

It is important to understand that wine coolers are suitable for veteran wine collectors and sommeliers. As a casual wine lover and collector, you too can use the best wine cooler to keep your wine incredibly delicious.

The products mentioned above are some of the best in their respective categories. Never compromise on the quality and features of a wine cooler. Selecting the right one will allow you keep the product for life.