Avanti Wine Cooler Review

Avanti Wine Cooler Review

Wine coolers are a great addition to your house if you love to enjoy red or white wines. If you are looking for a reliable wine cooler that offers great value for your money, the Avanti thermoelectric wine cooler is a wise choice.

Avanti Wine Cooler

Source: avantiproducts.com

This model comes with a glossy black design and features an insulated concaved front glass door. You also get three large chrome wine shelves for maximum storage.

About The Product

This freestanding wine cooler is compact and small. However, do not under-estimate its storage as it can easily fit up to 12 bottles. You can store four open or closed wine bottles vertically and eight closed bottles horizontally. It weighs just around 27 lbs, making it a light-weight accessory with a single temperature zone ranging from 47F- 64F.

The Avanti wine cooler presents an ultra quiet and vibration free cooling system. One of the best things about the wine cooler is that your wines are at no risk of oxidation.

Since other regular models may project micro-vibrations through the wines, it affects the quality of your wines. Hence, the Avanti wine cooler is one of the best available wine coolers to guarantee an unmatched performance.

The Avanti wine cooler is an affordable model as compared to other expensive wine coolers that fail to maintain the true essence of your wines. Moreover, it is built with soft-touch controls and is user-friendly with a digital display.

Avanti Wine Cooler

With an elegant and pleasant appearance, it easily blends into any décor. Be it your bar, dining room or the kitchen; the Avanti wine cooler looks attractive with its platinum finish and concave door.

The wine’s sediments are never disturbed with its vibration-free cooling system. Thanks to an advanced thermoelectric cooling system, users can store their wines without having to worry about affecting their quality.

As you can keep your wine bottles in an upright position, you can easily store opened wine bottles at just the right temperature. Users can easily keep taller than average bottles by removing the second shelf from the top. Hence, it is a great model that offers tremendous storage and convenience.

Product Specifications

  • Weighs 27 pounds
  • Three spacious chrome storage racks
  • Auto defrost system
  • Dimensions: 25.25H x 10W x 20.25D

Features And Benefits

  • Curved glass door for a beautiful display
  • Elegant black/platinum finish
  • Added insulation with a double-pane glass door
  • Inventive design for storing up to 12 wine bottles
  • Efficient thermoelectric cooling system
  • Noise-free and vibration free operation
  • Freestanding, lightweight and compact design
  • Built-in Soft-touch digital display

The Avanti Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler is a stylish wine cooler that looks like a high-end compact fridge at first glance. You will never guess the original price of this model. Although the wine cooler has a comprehensive temperature control, it is easy to operate thanks to the soft-touch controls.

Avanti Wine Cooler

Source: avantiproducts.com

Launched by a leading manufacturing giant, Avanti, it is a proof of the brand's commitment to creating the best of wine coolers.

All readings are easy to comprehend. If you are buying a wine cooler for the first time, it is a great idea to invest in this model. It is built for even the most tech-ignorant wine lover to keep their bottles cool and protected.

A trusted name in the consumer appliance industry, the brand has created an impressive product range of hi-tech wine coolers.

This freestanding model continues to win positive reviews from thousands of consumers.

It is compact, easy to use and is engineered to maintain the original quality of your wines.

As the name suggests, you can easily place it on your kitchen countertop or anywhere you want. Its elegant design makes it a pleasant addition to any décor.

However, there is only one downside of this model. Since it is a single zone cooler; you may have trouble chilling your white and red wines to the desired preference at the same time.

However, by keeping the wine cooler at 56F, you can enjoy both your red and white wines. Without a doubt, this freestanding wine fridge from Avanti offers an incredible performance. The wine cooler has been around for over a decade, and customers have rarely had any bad experience.

What Others Are Saying

The Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is an immensely popular model by Avanti. Hundreds of customers who purchased this model on Amazon.com love it for its beautiful design and its superior performance.

It offers incredible storage and features a hi-tech cooling system. The curved glass door adds a fresh touch to its look while the double-paned door offers incredible insulation.

The thermoelectric cooling technology guarantees less energy consumption as well as delivers a vibration free operation. Buyers praise the wine cooler as it never destroys the quality of their wines. The full-width wine racks are easy to clean and maintain.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for an affordable and spacious wine cooler, built to cool your open and closed wine bottles at the perfect temperature, then this is a highly recommended model. Once you buy this cooler, there is no need to push your wine and champagne bottles into a crammed fridge. Moreover, its cooling system offers durable performance.

All Avanti products come with a prompt customer service. If you have any queries, get in touch with their customer care to report your problems. It currently enjoys a good rating score and has received hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon.com.

You get an unbelievable discount of $20 if you buy it from Amazon as the wine cooler is available at a discounted price of around $110 with free shipping.

Final Verdict

What makes this product appealing to buyers is that it combines affordability with high performance and pleasant design. This 12-bottle cooler boasts a black cabinet with platinum finished accents to make this cooler an elegant model.

Hence, it is never an eyesore to your guests. The innovative and spacious interior never disappoints as it offers tremendous space for extra-large champagne or wine bottles.